David Tremlett, architect of light


The contemporary stained glass windows of Villenauxe-la-Grande

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The most beautiful stained glass windows in the world

At the heart of the birth place of some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world, the donation of a local man has made a great adventure possible: the creation of the magnificient windows of Villenauxe-la-Grande. This exceptional realisation is one of the most important in the field of contemporary stained glass in France in the last 20 years (24 windows over a total surface area of 200sq.m.).

David Tremlett and History

David Tremlett is an artist who likes places with a history. The church of Villenauxe-la-Grande, listed as a Historical Monument, is one of those: built in 1212, it has faced destruction and reconstruction on many occasions. Its stained glass windows were notably blow up during World War II. British artist David Tremlett (born in 1945) and the Simon Marq stained glass workshop (Reims, France) were selected during the international competition launched for the occasion, and have worked together on the project.





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